Wills & Trusts

An estate plan, often only called a will or a trust, is a set of documents that is used to distribute your wealth after you pass away and deal with situations like incapacity and guardianship of your minor children. Creating a solid estate plan is essential to your family’s future and is a tool that married and single clients alike should strongly consider. Sheinberg Law Group is equipped to discuss what type of estate plan is right for you.


Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away the circumstances are always difficult. When there is an estate left behind there is a need for a proper administration of that estate. If your loved one had no estate plan or a will, then there will need to be a probate if their assets are over the state limit. That limit is currently at $150,000. If the estate is under the limit then a simple administration can be achieved without going through the probate court. Better yet, if your loved one had a living trust then a court supervised probate is something you will likely avoid. Whether you are the named trustee of an estate, are wishing to become the executor of an estate, or need help collecting your inheritance as a beneficiary of an estate, Sheinberg Law Group is here to help.




Asset Protection

As you accumulate wealth during the course of your lifetime the need for preserving it becomes that much greater. Let’s face it, no one wants to give away half of what they earned over a lifetime. Not when the solution is simply proper advanced estate planning. We have assisted numerous clients in achieving their goal is maximum wealth distribution and we can do it for you too.

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Elderly & Disabled Planning

At Sheinberg Law Group we have a great deal of experience assisting families in need of elder law and planning for individuals with disabilities. This is an area of law that we feel deeply passionate about. It is an honor for Jason Sheinberg to serve on the board of directors for the Mountain Shadows Foundation, which supports Mountain Shadows Group homes.   Mountain Shadows houses developmentally disabled adults and abused children. Serving as a conservatorship attorney has allowed us to go into the home of a family with an elderly parent or grandparent. It has allowed us to spend time at homes with developmentally disabled young adults. We understand the needs of families when it comes to assisting the elderly members of our family or those with disabilities. We want to help you with this sensitive area of law and we feel that our compassion and understanding is what sets us apart.