When a loved one passes away the circumstances are always difficult. When there is an estate left behind there is a need for a proper administration of that estate. If your loved one had no estate plan or a will, then there will need to be a probate if their assets are over the state limit. That limit is currently at $150,000. If the estate is under the limit then a simple administration can be achieved without going through the probate court. Better yet, if your loved one had a living trust then a court supervised probate is something you will likely avoid. Whether you are the named trustee of an estate, are wishing to become the executor of an estate, or need help collecting your inheritance as a beneficiary of an estate, the Sheinberg Law Group is here to help.

Trust Administration

Sheinberg Law Group can help you administer your loves one's trust estate after they pass away. Working with the trust in hand we will see to it that the wishes of the trustor are adhered to and that your duties are fulfilled as trustee. Being a trustee can be a scary proposition when faced with a mountain of responsibilities and sometimes beneficiaries who are not in favor of your service to the estate. Sheinberg Law Group is here to help guide you through the pitfalls of a trust administration and make sure that your service as trustee is complete, thorough and free of liability. If you are a trust beneficiary then we can help you understand the process and obtain items you are entitled to. It may be as simple as asking for a full accounting or calling the trustees attorney for a copy of the trust. Whatever the task, big or small, we are here to help guide you through this process.

Probate Estate Administration

Probate is a nasty word in many circles. It is the process of every estate wishes to avoid. Our courts are well equipped to handle cases like these, but they are lengthy and costly and thus can be very unpleasant. If you are a named executor or seek to become one there are a great many duties that await you. This is one area of law where you really want to have representation. The requirements are many and the opportunities for liability arise far too often. You will very well served having representation throughout this process. Fees are determined by the probate code and are paid from the estate, averaging about 4% of the total estate. The other major downfall of probate is the time it takes to complete. It often takes 1 year minimum from start to finish. If you need help understanding your rights as a beneficiary, then who better to hire than an experienced attorney. Like it or not probate is here to stay and we have seen quite a few. We can help you understand the process every step of the way.

Trust and estate Disputes

Too often trust and estate disputes occur during the course of an estate administration. The likelihood that something out of the ordinary will occur is high given the fact that many times people are trying to do things without the help of a professional. A trustee or executor does not know the pitfalls that lie ahead without help. Often times people will try and preserve the estate by "doing it themselves". If this works for you we are happy, but the odds are certainly not in the favor of the "pro per" estate representative. When issues do occur they affect not only the person handling the estate, but all the beneficiaries of that estate. Sheinberg Law Group is here to help those who are suffering the consequences of improper actions on the part of a trustee or executor. We can help you receive every part of your inheritance without delay. If there are actions that have caused too much damage then you may want to consider removing the trustee or executor of an estate. Many times issues are solved before that step is taken by communicating and reminding everyone of the obligations, duties and rights involved in the process.